Königstein im Taunus

Town & Castle Tour Königstein in English

A walk through revolutionary times 1792-1813 with Dr. Dr. Mark Scheibe as a French Police Officer of these times is awaiting you on Sunday, april 8, 3.00 pm.

Königstein is known for its impressive fortress close to the former main road from Frankfurt to the Netherlands. So, this town came into the focus ot the French Revolutionary Army under General Custine when he invaded Southwestern Germany in autumn 1792. Since that time until 1813 Königstein suffered a lot from the wars between the newly founded Republic of France and the feudalistic German States. From 1793 to 1795 it was prison of the German Jacobins of the town of Mainz. In 1796 the fortress of Königstein blew up due to a detonation - luckily, its picturesque ruins are still like in the early 19th century. Finally 1813 Königstein suffered the last time from this horrible European war under Napoleon I., when more than 200 000 soldiers passed the town after the battle of Leipzig.

Your tour guide Mark Scheibe is very well known for its expertise - so, plenty of interesting information and exciting stories await you. The excursion will last about 90 minutes. Participation is free and registration is not required. Meetingpoint is the Tourist-Information, Hauptstraße 13a.