Partnerships and Twin Towns

Königstein and Le Cannet-Rocheville

Since 1972 Königsteinhas been twinned with the Le Cannet-Rocheville. Our twin in southern France has 40'000 inhabitants, and lies to the north of Cannes, some 30 km from Nice. This partnership grew out of private contacts' and is now maintained by the two partnership associations in Königstein and Le Cannet-Rocheville. Under the partnership there are frequent exchange visits between the communities, involving particularly young people, clubs and church communities. There are also close links through cultural events, and the towns are always both represented at their local folk festivals. The relationship has led to many private friendships and even marriages, and there the language courses to help overcome communication barriers.

In 1978 the two towns were awarded the Franco-German prize for outstanding services in the cause of Franco-German cooperation. In 1987 Königstein was awarded Flag of Honour of the Council of Europe. A joint development project in Togo was also carried out together with Le Cannet-Rocheville.

Falkenstein and Le Mêle

The first contacts between Falkenstein (at that time still autonomous) and Le Mêle in Normandy took place in the mid-Sixties within the framework of an international music competition, and were initiated by the Falkenstein Mandoline Club, who actually emerged as the winners of the competition. The twinning off Falkenstein and Le Mêle was celebrated officially in 1967 und 1968.

Le Mêle is the administrative centre of a district comprising 12 small communities with only 1200 inhabitants. Thanks to the activities of the two partnership associations in the communities the partnership has been outstanding successful for over 35 years. It is primarily organized through the various clubs. A school partnership has been established between two lower secondary schools in Falkenstein and Le Mêle.

Königstein im Taunus and Königstein in Sachsen

In June 1992 the link between the towns of Königstein im Taunus and Königstein in Sachsen was officially celebrated. In the town on the river Elbe the relationship between the two Königsteins had already been officially confirmed the previous year, marking the high point of a process that goes back to the mid-Eighties.

The original attempt to establish twin-town Status with Königstein in Sachsen was turned down by the government in what was then still East Germany. However, from 1985 onwards the Königstein spa organization had arranged an annual coach trip to East Germanv, with a stop in Königstein in Sachsen. Although the official policy was to discourage contacts, many private friendships developed.

The collapse of the German Democratic Republic finally made possible official contacts between the communities and the town administration in Königstein im Taunus is currently assisting in many ways its counterpart in Sachsen. An association has recently been formed in Königstein im Taunus to bring the inhabitants of the two towns closer together and a similar association has now been formed in Königstein in Sachsen.

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